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Akita Crusader

         The official newsletter of                                                             May 2018 Vol 1, Issue 2

          This rescue remembrance story
          came in an unexpected way and
          shows how quickly dogs can bond
          with us and us with them.
          We asked people to submit their
          Easter “bunny” photos on ACAR’s
          Facebook page for the newsletter,
          and this beauty popped up first.
          Her human, Michele McCarren
          DePrima, shared with us “Kira’s”
          story. Kira was stray. Michele’s
          husband found this beautiful girl
          wandering on New York’s Belt
          Parkway (for non-New Yorkers, it’s a
          series of highways surrounding the
          He brought her home with hopes
          they would find her owner. Eight
          days after Kira was rescued by the
          DePrimas, their resident 12-year-old
          Rottweiler, Bonnie, passed away.
                                                                                                  Inside this issue
          After several failed attempts to find her original owners, Kira became a member of the
          DePrima family. Although Kira was the DePrimas’ third rescue, she was their first Akita.   President’s letter   2
          They adored her. Michele explained that they had to adjust to Kira’s behaviors and
          peculiarities; they even sought help from an experienced Akita trainer. Kira had some   ATTS        3
          major health problems, but she won the family over, heart and soul. She was with the
          DePrima family for nearly three years before passing away on January 4 this year.   Easter “bunnies”   4

          “She’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts,” Michele said. Whatever her life was   The Akita—Legend, Myth,   5
          before, this pretty little stray wandering the New York highways found her way home with   History
          the DePrimas and will never be forgotten.
                                                                                            Rescue Spotlight   9
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