ACAR Background and Funding

Akita Club of America (ACAR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. ACAR existed as a fund-raising committee of the Akita Club of America for many years. With a goal to make a greater impact on rescue efforts, in 2017, ACAR was reorganized and became a separate not-for-profit organization. The ACA appointed a board to oversee the operations and fundraising activities. In September 2017, the IRS approved and designated ACAR as a 501(c)3 and the organization began operations.

Mission statement: The Akita Club of America Rescue mission is to generate and distribute financial and education assistance to hands-on ACA approved rescues.

ACAR will provide funding dependent on funds raised and availability of those funds.

Guidelines for Rescue Funding

  • Rescue must be approved by Akita Club of America Rescue, Inc.
  • Rescue must be a 501(c)3 organization
  • Rescue must have a board member who is a member of Akita Club of America.
  • Rescue is required to provide receipts and brief report of how grant funding was spent six months after receiving funding from ACAR.
  • Annually, ACAR will follow up with a brief questionnaire regarding how many Akitas the rescue is helping, the financial need, etc.
  • Sign ACAR Rescue Code of Ethics and display the logo on their website.

Helping ACAR - Rescues are asked to help ACAR in its mission to raise funds through

  • Connecting with ACAR on Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Link to ACAR’s website (
  • Share ACAR’s Facebook posts
  • Keep rescue supporters updated on ACAR activities through the rescue's newsletter, email update or other communication distributed to supporters.
  • Encourage network and supporters to like/share ACAR’s Facebook posts and visit its website

Applying to establish an Akita Club of America Rescue

Groups that are interested in establishing a hands-on Akita Rescue, must apply to ACAR. The application is here. ACAR has final approval authority for establishing new Akita rescues.  Additional requirements for hands-on Akita Rescues are listed below:

  1. Must spay/neuter before placement, (excluding danger to health).
  2. Uses Adoption Contracts with protective clauses for each adoption.
  3. Be mentored by an established ACAR-approved hands-on rescue.
  4. Has guidelines to ensure the safety of both people and dogs.
  5. Temperament tests all dogs before placement.
  6. Maintains the dogs in a well-kept facility and/or foster homes.
  7. Provides educational material to help the adoptive family adjust to an Akita.
  8. Provides veterinarian and vaccination records to adoptive families.
  9. Visits potential homes prior to and after adoptions.
  10. Continues to follow-up with adoptive family for at least one year.
  11. Keeps a record of all placements.
  12. Takes back all dogs if placement does not work out.
  13. Must provide veterinary and adoption references upon request.
  14. Is willing to give a public accounting for all donations.
  15. Is willing to have an ACA Rescue Committee member or a designated representative of the ACA Rescue Committee inspect the facilities/foster homes and inspect all Akitas on the premises.
  16. Is willing to euthanize a dog that is a danger to people.
  17. All Akitas are
    1. cared for humanely, including providing quality food, clean water, adequate and clean shelter, regular exercise, socialization, training and medical care
    2. adopted are either micro chipped or tattooed.
    3. adopted are bearing the rescue organizations tag, containing the rescue organizations name, telephone number(s) and other contact information.
    4. are adopted as indoor dogs only.
  18. The hands-on rescue will notify ACAR
    1. of any change in address(s), telephone number(s), 501(c)(3) status, or named directors within two weeks of change.
    2. immediately if any director, officer, volunteer, agent, or member is charged with or convicted of animal cruelty. Or if any animals are seized by any law enforcement or animal control agency.
    3. immediately if the individual and/or organization no longer rescue’s purebred Akitas.