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ACAR cookbook is in the works. We're putting together your best recipes to share with everyone, all benefiting Akita rescues! More info to come but here's the highlights:

-   All pages will be sold, including the front cover, back cover, recipe category divider pages and individual pages.

-   One recipe to a page and every page will feature a color photo of an Akita of your choice.

-   All pages will be in color! The front and back covers will include an addition interior page -- that's a total of three pages.

Pages will sold first come, first serve. The cookbook is here! Order your copies to pick up at Nationals or get delivered to your home.




Akita Crusader is out!  


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Your support makes a difference. Here's one story about one dog from one rescue. 

Nick's story

In 2016, the Big East Akita Rescue heard about an injured female Akita in Texas. The Akita's owner said the dog had been attacked by other dogs in his home, and he could not afford to take her to a veterinarian for the treatment she needed. Volunteers rushed to the home to investigate. They found the severely wounded female Akita and immediately took her in their care, but they also found "Nick." Tremendously underweight and mangy, Nick was chain up outside, curled tightly to stay warm and sleeping in the dirt. It was clear, he was suffering, too. Volunteers convinced the owner to release Nick along with the injured female. BEAR immediately got Nick into a safe home and he received the care and treatment he needed. Today, Nick is a beautiful boy with a lush fur coat. Full of joy and love, he's a vibrant Akita living a healthy, promising life with a family who loves him. 

Since December, ACAR sent $29,000 to hands-on rescues. 

ACAR's board recently approved creating an Emergency Rescue Policy. The policy jumps into action when a rescue takes in three or more Akitas at once or a natural disaster occurs and impacts rescues. The policy helped in one situation where someone surrendered multiple Akitas to a rural shelter. ACAR was able to send $500 per dog to the rescue to help offset the cost of medical care and boarding. This is one example of ACAR helping rescues because of your continued support. 

  • Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona
  • Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic Coast
  • Akita Rescue Society of Florida
  • Big East Akita Rescue
  • Midwest Akita Rescue Society
  • Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance
  • Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue